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Creativity and Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning involves interacting with horses to promote emotional growth and healing. It is a complementary therapy for people with various mental health issues or people looking to develop leadership skills or with social-emotional learning goals.

Horses are intuitive and sensitive animals that can reflect the emotions and behavior of the people around them, providing clients an opportunity to explore their emotions and thoughts through creative expression and interaction with the horses.

Creativity is encouraged in equine therapy or equine-assisted learning is through art therapy. Clients can use various art materials to create pieces that express their emotions and thoughts.

Clients can participate in activities such as grooming and leading the horses. These activities require creativity and problem-solving skills, as each horse has its own personality and needs.

The use of props and obstacle courses can also promote creativity in equine therapy. Clients can use these items to create their own courses and activities, allowing for autonomy and creativity in the session.

Equine-facilitated learning provides a unique opportunity for clients to engage in creative expression and explore their emotions and thoughts in a supportive environment. Through art therapy, horsemanship activities, and props and obstacle courses, clients can tap into their creativity and develop problem-solving skills that can be applied to their everyday lives.

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