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(frequently asked questions)

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Q – What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

A - Equine assisted psychotherapy is a unique and innovative approach to therapy in which clients partner with horses and a therapist to explore therapeutic or learning goals. Sessions can explore self-awareness, patterns of behavior, emotions and regulation, boundaries,  as well as developing confidence and leadership skills and promote the development of new insights and life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through activities with horses. 

Q – What are the benefits of partnering with horses?

A - Horses help us reflect on how we approach relationships, learning and challenges. They are sensitive to the environment, non-judgmental and react to our body language, cues and emotions which gives insight into the client’s emotions during a session.  

Working with horses and nature can:

  • Improve problem solving, facing life challenges and confidence

  • Increase boundary setting, self-esteem, self-efficacy and awareness

  • Support mental wellbeing 

  • Improve social-emotional skills, leadership and relationship skills

  • Assist re-connection with nature and mindfulness 

Q- What is Horse Powered Reading?

A - Experiential learning which focuses on the academic learning process for the individual.  Horses become a metaphor for the connection required between the reading material and the student.  Without that connection it is easy to drift away or lose connection with the book

Q - Will I get to ride the horses? 

A - No horse riding is offered.  All experiences take place on the ground

Q – Who can attend sessions? 

A – Anyone. The creek walk may not be suitable for clients in a wheelchair or with reduced mobility.

Q – What do I need to bring and wear for my session?

A – Please wear boots or sturdy, fully enclosed shoes.  Sessions are outside so wear clothing suitable for the weather on the day.  The arena is covered but please dress for outdoors. Sessions will continue rain, hail or shine!

Q – Do I need horse experience?

A – No horse experience is required. Just be yourself!

Q – What qualifications does the Instructor/Therapist at Bellview Connection you have?

A – I am a certified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.  I am Counsellor trained through The Institute of Applied Psychology. I am a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience. I am a Mental Health First Aider

Q – Is the Instructor/Therapist insured?

A – Yes, I am insured through IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

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