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Bellview Connection Equine Assisted Therapy & Counselling - Oriana's arrival & new offerings!

Welcome to Bellview Connection Equine Assisted Therapy & Counselling Newsletter.

It has been a busy time at Bellview Connection, so I wanted to let you all know the following:

New Opening Times:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 9am - 5.30pm

Wednesday - 9am - 6.30pm

Thursday - 8am - 6pm

Friday - Closed

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - 9.30am - 12pm

New arrival! Introducing Oriana (Bellellen Rise Clydesdales Jersey Caramel). Oriana is a 7-month-old Clydesdale cross who has been with us a month. She is slowly settling into the herd and meeting clients.

Always learning!

Currently I am studying the following:

  • NLP Essentials - Neuro Linguistic Programming through IAP

  • Trauma Informed Certificate for Coaches - The Centre for Healing

  • Supporting, enriching & nurturing carer-child relationships - Dr Karen Treisman Melbourne 2-day workshop

New Offering: I am currently working with a client and their Support Coordinator and school to see if I can provide a Work Skills program to assist them building skills to become work ready. If this works well and provides value to the student, I would be keen to make it available to future students. Watch this space!

Update on the horses.

The horses' world has been flipped with the arrival of Oriana. New relationship dynamics are being explored and (hopefully) friendships created. Before winter starts, I like to have the horses attend the dentist. Harry and Lottie had their treatments last week and next month Whiskey and Peggy will attend. This week we practice veterinary preparation skills which includes having an injection as its time for their annual vaccination. Practice lets them know a little of what to expect and helps keep the horses and the professionals safe.

Rest & Recharge

Bellview Connection Equine Assisted Therapy & Counselling will be closed from the 8th July - 14th July inclusive to give the team a break before the new school term.

Over to you! Tell me what you need or how I can help you. Are there any programs that you would like me to run? I was thinking of a session to support parents and carers. Is this something that would interest you?

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