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Who would have thought?

It's seems that first thing in the morning, is the time to write. Everyday I have a list of subjects that race around my mind, asking to be discussed but today's thought is - who would have thought I'd be where I am now?

This morning I have time to reflect as Stormy has gone to work. Stormy is our little "Duracell bunny" Border Collie, who demands to play and lay ins or work at the laptop are not permitted!

I've always been interested in what makes people "tick". Nature or nurture? How can some people drag themselves up from poverty or misfortune to become so successful and yet others can't? Is it luck or is it bloody hard work and creating opportunity? Is it a combination? The human brain and how our body works fascinates me.

I am an introverted extrovert. The idea of my musings out in the public eye fills me with horror but if it amuses some people or warms their cockles then it's all good.

I've had visitors say I am lucky to live where I am/do what I do and I usually agree but it's actually been hard work and taking risks that have got me here.

I grew up on a Council estate in the UK. Our family were poor and mum had left an abusive relationship and now was with our Step Dad who had his own kids from a previous relationship. I never liked school but I somehow ended up at a Grammar school and finished sixth form before leaving home. A lot of other stuff went on in the background but the biggest opportunity that I took was nursing.

I'm not sure why I became a nurse. My step dad was always in and out of hospital and when I started studying, nurses were paid a bursary, so I wouldn't leave with a debt.

I started off in healthcare as a "Housekeeper" which was a cross between a ward clerk and a cleaner. I then became a healthcare assistant before starting my nursing. All these roles were in the same hospital so I got to know lots of staff. There was a comradeship back then which feels like it's missing now as staffing is stretched so thin and healthcare workers feel like they are just trying to survive each shift.

Nursing gave me the opportunity to move around the UK, before travelling and working in Australia and then ultimately moving to Australia. Leaving nursing is like losing my identity. Who am I if I'm not a nurse? Many times we are told, "you are not what you do", but work becomes all consuming. I understand some parents feel the same way after being a parent and then the children leave home.

I've had horses since coming to Australia and the opportunity of combining my new role with working with my horses through Equine Assisted psychotherapy was very appealing. I know the joy and the effect that my horses have on me and using some of my nursing knowledge and Counselling skills to support clients explore life skills, learning goals or mental health issues with the backdrop of the Grampians was definitely more exciting than staying in nursing!

It was a scary and expensive step to leave what I know and start a business. There was a lot of expensive study and with the post covid hangover, increased cost of living plus the increased cost of production on the farm and the fall in sheep prices, I would say it probably wasn't the best time to start an Equine assisted therapy business and leave a regular, guaranteed income!

I don't shy away from a challenge and it has all been worth it. My business is thriving and my clients are amazing. Equine Assisted Therapy is needed unfortunately. Our lives are so busy that we are constantly in fight or flight mode. People don't get the opportunity to "reset" anymore. Whether I'm working with children or adults I encourage them to embrace the horses teaching of living in the present for that time we are together.

That's my story of how a British city lass has ended up in Australia and is now a farmer and an Equine Assisted Therapy facilitator. There are gaps in my story, plenty more to share next time!

What is your story? Feel free to contact me with any questions or to share your story.

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2 comentarios

Love reading your insightful posts. Brilliant hear that your business is now thriving.. and that you no longer need to worry about being on call for Telehealth☺️

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you. It has been a big year, but I love it.

Me gusta
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