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When Chaos Reigns!

My plan had been to write regular blogs and hopefully be inspirational and educational. However, my life isn't really like that! 😂 Today I feel like an extra in Fawlty Towers. 🤯

Life has been a tad busy. We have two farm blocks and run sheep. There has been lots of farm work , scanning for pregnancy, vaccinating and drenching and drafting the pregnant ewes into smaller mobs for lambing. Our block at Pomonal was burnt in the fires and we have been lucky to have assistance from BlazeAid to do some fencing replacement. This time of year there is lots of feeding out to the sheep to be done to keep them in good health and a bit extra now due to burnt paddocks.

Why do I feel like an extra from Fawlty Towers? My hubby decided to get a new puppy. I have had the honour of looking after her while she settles in for the first few days. We've had her for 4 days. We thought she was 7 months old and she needed rehoming as her previous owners circumstances had changed. Ruby is probably only 5 months old and is an absolute Duracell bunny! She is a kelpie and we expected her to be energetic but new and young animals make you really appreciate your older pets!!

I was feeling a little smug this morning. I had a plan for the day, Ruby was settling in well with no accidents so far and was starting to come back when called. I'm all excited about my new foal that's coming tomorrow. I've got the day off, life is good.

Ruby is playing with her toy in her bed and has had two walk, the other dogs are relaxing so I go and clean my teeth. Head back out to find a present from Ruby 💩 😷.

I then head outside with the dogs and find the chickens and ducks running around the garden, no rabbit to be seen. Thankfully, Ruby doesn't appear to be a chicken killer as I quickly catch her and then run around trying to pop the chickens and ducks back in their yard.

A few hours later I spot Biscuit the rabbit hopping around the hay bales in the paddock. Thankfully the dogs haven't spotted her as they would catch her a lot quicker than me! 🐇

A bit later, just imagine 2, unfit adults chasing a white rabbit around 4 rows of round bales. Entertainment galore as Biscuit hops casually around between the bales while me and my brother in law race from one end to the other with a large fishing net, trying to catch her. 🏃🐇😂

Let's hope Oriana's arrival tomorrow is less eventful!

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